Our Community Donor Advised Funds


Create a Community Donor Advised Fund

Would your community like to have its own permanent fund to support important local projects? To support communities interested in establishing such funds, the NCCF offers matching support of up to $12,500.

To establish a fund for your community, e-mail us. We can answer all your questions about starting a fund.

Ripley Community & Heritage Fund

The Ripley Community & Heritage Fund was established in 2000 with the mission of “improving the lives of Ripley residents.” Grants are generally awarded each year. Contact a committee member or the NCCF for an application. Committee members include Lew Barnes, Terry Eggleston, Dave Bower, Dick Eimers, Dick Wade, Mary Beth Chess, and Pete Ryan.

Download the Grant Application

Silver Creek Irving Heritage Fund

It is the mission of the Silver Creek-Irving Heritage Fund to enrich the quality of Silver Creek-Irving residents by providing a means for investing and disbursing funds within the community to benefit local charitable needs and opportunities.

Download the Grant Application

Westfield Fund is in development

A group has begun meeting in the Westfield area to discuss the establishment of a CDAF to benefit this historic community.  If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact us at nccf@nccfoundation.org.