NCCF Celebrates Local Corporate Philanthropy

In February, Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation (NCCF) celebrates our corporate partners who are making a difference in our community. Every year, International Corporate Philanthropy Day is observed on the last Monday in February to “raise awareness of corporate-community partnerships and inspire businesses around the world to engage further.”  Northern Chautauqua County benefits greatly from the philanthropy of local businesses and their active engagement with local charities, such as the NCCF. 

Corporate Philanthropy refers to the investments and activities a company voluntarily undertakes out of goodwill, social responsibility and a commitment to the well-being of their community.  Collaboration with groups who are aware of a community’s needs and opportunities make corporate philanthropy more effective. 

Partnering with businesses for the good of the community has been a standard at the NCCF since its establishment in 1986.  “Local businesses’ strong commitment to our community’s well-being is evident through their volunteer work, sponsorships, contributions, staff-led fundraisers, in-kind support and participation in the United Way’s annual campaign” states the NCCF’s Executive Director Diane Hannum.

The NCCF administers grant making programs for two local business, both of whom are well-known for their charitable activities: Lake Shore Saving Bank (LSSB) and DFT Communications (DFT).  LSSB’s “Community Reinvestment Fund” and DFT’s “DFT Communications/Maytum Family Community Betterment Fund” support charitable projects throughout northern Chautauqua.  The deadlines for submission to either program are June 1st and December 1st.  Applications and guidelines can be found on the NCCF’s website or by contacting either business. 

Many local businesses and former businesses have created endowment funds at the NCCF to provide long-term support to community needs.  These include: Chautauqua & Erie Telephone; Cliffstar; Courier Capital; ECR International; Graf Realty; Johnson, Mackowiak & Associates; and Lake Shore Savings Bank.

 Others support the NCCF’s work in the community through their membership:  Basil Fredonia, Brautigam & Brautigam, Courier Capital, DFT Communications, ECR International; Evans & Evans; Home Town Insurance; Lake Shore Orthodontics & Oral Surgery; Lake Shore Savings Bank; Antoinette Lukasik DDS; Manning & Napier; Observer; Dan Ryel, CLU, CHFC & Joe Gugino, CFP; Woodbury/Pietro Surveying; NRG Community Fund; Support Enterprises and Vecchio Bros. Heating & Cooling. Arkwright Printing, Home Town Insurance, Turftenders and Wal-Mart regularly provide in-kind support.