Updates to NCCF’s Community Grants Program Guidelines

The Grants Committee and staff at the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation (NCCF) see northern Chautauqua County as home rather than just a geographic region. For this reason, we are always looking for ways to how it can be improved. We look to our nonprofit organizations to bring us projects for funding that will enhance the area for those who live here. 

Grant writing for these organizations is difficult with limited resources. Recently, the Grants Committee updated the Community Grants Program Guidelines to not only clarify requirements for funding requests but also to assure that grant money is used to effect change and for building a healthy and prosperous community. 

All nonprofits are encouraged to visit our website, www.nccfoundation.org/grants-programs to review the updated Community Grants Program Guidelines before submitting grant Letters of Interest for the spring Community Grants Program. We also encourage you to contact our Program Coordinator, Eileen Ardillo with any questions or concerns. Eileen's contact information is eardillo@nccfoundation.org or 716-366-4892. 

For more information on the NCCF, please visit our website at www.nccfoundation.org. You may also call us at 716-366-4892 or send an e-mail to nccf@nccfoundation.org. We look forward to hearing from you. 

The NCCF, incorporated in 1986, is a tax-exempt charitable organization.  Since its establishment, the NCCF has distributed more than $12.9 million in the community through its various grant programs.  It is an organization inherently committed to enriching the northern Chautauqua community and encouraging local philanthropy.  For more information on the NCCF, visit www.nccfoundation.org or call 716-366-4892.