Ripley Community & Heritage Fund Accepting Grant Applications

The Ripley Community & Heritage Fund (RCHF) is accepting grant applications from charitable, not-for-profit organizations that serve the Ripley community. 

Formed in 2000,  the RCHF’s missions to enrich the lives of Ripley residents.  To help the community, the RCHF administers a grant program specifically for volunteer organizations providing valuable services within the Ripley community. Over 140 community businesses, citizens and organizations joined to create the Ripley Community & Heritage Fund endowment held at the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation (NCCF).  To date, the RCHF has distributed over $39,168 to Ripley organizations. Committee members are Chair Lew Barnes, Vice Chair Richard Wade, Secretary Mary Beth Chess, Dave Bower, Richard Eimers, Terry Eggleston and Pete Ryan.