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NCCF Local Economic Development Initiative - Annual Summit

Creating an Impact: The Creative Economy and Creative Placemaking

Tuesday, June 4
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Registration begins 8:00 AM
Williams Center Multipurpose Room, SUNY Fredonia

Keynote Speaker: Maureen Sager, Lead Consultant for the Alliance for the Creative Economy, a Project of the Center for Economic Growth – Saratoga Springs/Capital Region of NY – www.upstatecreative.org

Facilitated Discussion

The creative economy includes, but is not limited to, industries such as design, media, technology, visual arts and handcrafted products, performing arts, creative manufacturers, heritage and preservation, artisanal foods/restaurants, wineries/craft beverage makers, and agriculture/agritourism. Much more than tourism or arts/culture, this sector is increasingly recognized as a valued community resource with the potential to impact economic growth and increase social capital. The Summit will focus on how we might strengthen and support our local creative economy to impact businesses growth, community building, and economic development.


  • How local creative entrepreneurs and enterprises can impact the region’s economy

  • How we might support, grow, and measure the local/regional creative economy , and advocate for local/regional creative industries

  • How to attract and retain innovative entrepreneurs

  • How to grow creative jobs and opportunities

  • Support creative industries’ roles in tourism revenue in the region

  • Identify educational and vocational opportunities within creative industries

  • Advance creative placemaking* efforts as tools for community and economic well-being

*Creative placemaking can be described as communities identifying their artistic, cultural, aesthetic, and social assets, and integrating these assets in community planning and revitalization. Individuals/entities from the creative sector are ideal partners in, and leaders of, such efforts. Creative placemaking is successful in communities where artists, makers, cultural organizations, designers, and innovation proponents work together with community/economic development agencies, social service organizations, governments/municipalities, and other entities working toward community improvement and connection.

This Summit will also serve as a springboard to a series of additional roundtables and events, starting late summer/early autumn 2019.

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