Our grants programs are the most direct way that the NCCF works to improve the community. Through the programs listed below, funds are distributed throughout the year, addressing a variety of issues.  If you have questions regarding any of our grants programs, please contact Eileen Ardillo, Program Coordinator at eardillo@nccfoundation.org or 716-366-4892.


The process for the Community Grants Program remains the same - a Letter of Interest is required by March 1 or September 1 of each year. Programs that are approved by the Grants Committee will then be asked to submit a full application. NCCF will provide those organizations with the necessary sign-in information and a link to complete this process.

NCCF has joined Chautauqua Grants in an effort to streamline our grantmaking process.Visit the new web page http://chautauquagrants.org/our-funders/nccf/.


This biannual program addresses the most pressing and immediate needs within northern Chautauqua County.  These grants are made possible through the generosity of those who have established or who have contributed to an unrestricted fund.  Letters of Interest are accepted on March 1 & September 1 of each year to the attention of Eileen Ardillo, Grants Program Coordinator at eardillo@nccfoundation.org.

2019 NCCF Grants Program Timetable

 Community Grants Process and Guidelines 

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The Northern Chautauqua Environmental Fund supports programs that promote local environmental education, particularly as it relates to Lake Erie and its watershed.  Applications are carefully reviewed by a volunteer committee of community members in January of each year.  Application Deadline:  January 10. Organizations looking to apply for this grant need to use the following link and apply online through Chautauqua Grants.  Click to view Environmental Fund Project Grants Guidelines and Application.


We have the pleasure of living in a community with a tradition of service and an overwhelming sense of community.  The Community Pride Program was created in 1997 to support clean, attractive neighborhoods, well-maintained parks, signage, and other projects that promote pride in northern Chautauqua County.  All grant awards require a match of either volunteer hours, donated supplies or in another way.  The Community Pride Program awards grants biennially.    Next Deadline:  March 1, 2021 (Letter of application must be received at the NCCF office by 4:00 p.m.)  

Click to view the Community Pride Program information sheet.


DFT Communications has earned a reputation as a strong supporter of the community they serve.  In 2001, the Foundation began administering their "DFT Communications/RMM Golf Tournament Community Betterment Fund."  Grants are awarded from this fund on a biannual basis.  To learn more about DFT and the services they offer, visit their website at www.dftcommunications.com.  Application Deadlines: June 1 and December 1. Download DFT Communications/RMM Golf Tournament Community Betterment Fund Guidelines and Application.    


Lake Shore Savings is proud to continue their tradition of Putting People First throughout our communities by awarding a series of Community Reinvestment Grants to help fund vital programs and services to local non-profit organizations. The NCCF is proud to work with Lake Shore Savings on their biannual community grant-making program.  Application Deadlines June 1 and December 1 : For more information, visit https://www.lakeshoresavings.com/putting-people-first/

Our Community Donor Advised Funds

Ripley Community & Heritage Fund

Silver Creek Irving Heritage Fund

The Westfield Fund

Service Learning Mini-Grants Program

Available to teachers in northern Chautauqua County school districts.