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Types of Funds Administered by NCCF

Unrestricted Funds (Community Benefit Funds) provide the Foundation with the maximum flexibility in meeting today’s needs and the challenges of tomorrow. 

Community Donor Advised Funds allow for a community to have its own “mini-community foundation for the purpose of grant making and building community capacity.

Donor Advised Funds allow for the donors, with the Foundation guidance, to select the beneficiaries of the funds’ income.

Field of Interest Funds allow the donors to limit grants from their funds to charitable organizations, projects, or specific “fields of interest”.

Designated Funds allow for donors to ensure long-term annual support to their preferred charitable organizations.

Scholarship Funds are customized to reflect the donors’ intent to provide educational opportunities to specific high schools, certain fields of study or programs at particular institutions of higher education.

Agency Endowment Funds allow for charitable organizations to protect their capital for the future and obtain the rewards of participating in a larger pool by placing their endowments with the Foundation.  The Endowment Society, which is facilitated by the Foundation, encourages the establishment and growth of agency endowment funds.