Making a donation has never been easier or more personal. Prefer to remain anonymous? The extent of your involvement is entirely up to you. From donor advised funds, field of interest funds and scholarships to endowment and designated funds, we offer donors:

Personalized Service

We make giving easy and effective, accepting a wide variety of gifts and providing donors a number of charitable options. You can contribute cash, stocks, property and bequests. You may establish a fund in your name or in the name of a loved one. In most cases, your gift qualifies for maximum tax advantage under federal law.

Local Expertise

Our professional staff has an in-depth understanding of the issues, opportunities and resources that shape our community. They monitor all areas of community need--including human services, education, the environment, healthcare, the arts, and economic development. We can help you learn more about local organizations and programs that make a difference in areas your care about most.

Community Leadership

We invest in the long term and work to bring people and organizations together, convening diverse voices to address local issues and opportunities. Our business is building community.


Our professional staff are your ongoing partners in realizing your charitable interests. We can answer your questions on effective giving approaches and suitable grant-making strategies.

What Type of Fund is Right for You

Establishing a fund with NCCF offers you an opportunity to take a more personal approach to your charitable giving. Whether you decide to set-up a donor advised fund or a field of interest, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

You can get started right away

Establish a fund at the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation by following these steps.

• Call Diane Hannum at (716)366-4892 or e-mail her at
• Complete an agreement establishing your fund.
• Make an initial contribution to the fund you establish.The Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation accepts many types of assets, including cash, stock and real estate.
• Let your fund grow and provide grants as per your request.

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