Board of Directors Resources

Sample Facebook message:

“Did you know that I am a board member of the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation? We are excited to announce our participation in this year’s NY Gives Day celebrated by nonprofits across the state. On November 27th, join us through a contribution on our Giving Page. Together we can build our community today, for tomorrow so, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! #NYGives Day [ADD THE LINK TO YOUR PAGE HERE]

Sample Twitter messages

Giving Tuesday! Mark your calendars for November 27. It will be a day to support NCCF and our community through the NCCFGivesDay page. [ADD THE LINK TO YOUR PAGE HERE]

A little can go a long way when we get together and give to NCCF on November 27 for #NYGivesDay! Join the movement! [ADD THE LINK TO YOUR PAGE HERE]



Sample e-mail to send to family and friends (cut and paste into your e-mail):

Subject: Give Back to our Community this Holiday Season!

Hi [NAME],

Have you always wanted to give back to our community during the holidays, but can never seem to find the time? Well, I have good news for you. Skip Black Friday and Cyber Monday and go straight to Giving Tuesday!

I am a [personalize-board member, committee member, etc.] at the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation and this year we are participating in the first-ever Giving Tuesday! On this 24-hour day of giving, you can give back to the community we all love by donating to NCCF’s Building Community Fund through our  #NYGivesDaypage. All it takes is one click to get to my fundraising page! [ADD THE LINK TO YOUR PAGE HERE]

Giving Tuesday will take place on November 27th, starting at 12 am, so take this opportunity to give back to our community this holiday season!

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