“On the table” community conversations coming week of April 29

“On the table” community conversations coming week of April 29

The Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation along with planning partners Chautauqua Opportunities, United Way of Northern Chautauqua County, and the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce, is pleased to announce a new community initiative for northern Chautauqua County. “On the table” is a week-long conversation beginning April 29th that will provide an opportunity for friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others to gather around a table and break bread together. Community members can share experiences, ideas, and thoughts about community needs and opportunities. Voices from all walks of life will be heard while discussing who we are as a community, where we are going, and what we can do together to get there.

NCCF thanks local businesses

The Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation is proud to show support for Corporate Philanthropy Day, February 26. On this day we show our gratitude to the many local businesses for their contributions to our community.

Corporate Philanthropy refers to the charitable contributions and community service activities a company voluntarily undertakes to improve society. We appreciate the businesses that have invested in NCCF and our community through financial contributions, donations of products, in-kind services and technical assistance, employee volunteerism, and other business transactions.